KZN SIGHTINGS (Latestimfolozi)

Wildlife  Sightings for KZN Parks

Park  and  System Ethics

      Some  tips to safety and driving on safari / driving in the game  reserve

 One should be kept in mind that there is always a certain  degree of danger when you are in the bush with wild animals,

and often common  sense and sticking to the rules of the park will help keep you  safe. 


             System Ethics:

     *  NO RHINO  SIGHTINGS WHAT SO EVER !!! to be reported

     *  The system realizes on member  posting, so share your sightings - remember sharing is  caring

     *  Fake reporting will not be  tolerated

     *  When using the system , please remember  that sightings are not clues in the amazing race

          (so please  don't speed to sightings)


Park  Ethics:

Firstly  always stick to the parks rules

    Always put the animals first

     *  Respect all animals,  and stay a safe and respectable distance from them.

     *  Don't get out of cars or hang out of  windows extra at sightings. (Remember animals are  wild and       

         don't know that they  should harm you)

     *  Don't litter or through your stumpies  out of your car.

     *  If there are lots of cars at the sights,  wait your turn rather than crowding the animal

     *  Don't  feed the  animals 

    Keep the peace

   * keep as quite as possible (no music, no shouting, no  mobile phone conversations, talk in a whisper) especially when approaching a  sighting or sitting at a sighting.

  *  Don't call out to the animal or try make animal sounds or bang the side of your  car

  * Once  in position switch off your engine

     Have respect for each other

  *  Wait for your turn - the first vechiles at a sighting have priority, so  don't drive in front of them or block their view. ( most drivers will  signal for you to come forward)

*  If  there is a queue of cars waiting, don't take to long at a sighting - try give  everyone a chances.


  • *   Patience needs to be demonstrated  when sharing the road with other visitors and wildlife.
  • *   Speed needs to be reduced to the advised limits - remember this is a game drive slow down and enjoy the view!